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If you need immediate medical assistance with your substance addiction, we invite you to our residential treatment centers in Indiana. At Bridges of Hope, we offer top treatment, excellent housing conditions, a multitude of high-end amenities, and outstanding rehab services.

Can I detox on my own?

When it comes to substance addiction or alcoholism, we wouldn’t even recommend attempting it. Self-detoxification is not only mostly ineffective but risky as well since you have no control over the multitude of potential side-effects and drug interactions. We recommend detoxing in a controlled environment, the type of which you will find at our rehab facilities in Indiana.

We perform advanced detoxification in a secure and comfortable setting, making sure you experience the minimum of discomfort possible. With our experts supervising the process, you will be able to recover and heal at your own pace. The detoxification treatment will cleanse your system of toxins and restore your brain’s chemical balance. As a result, you will begin to feel better, stronger, and more energetic throughout the day, as the cravings will diminish significantly.

When to enter the rehab?

We believe that you should consider entering the rehab as soon as you begin to experience first symptoms of withdrawal. The withdrawal is the first sign indicating the incipient stages of addiction, and it can grow to life-threatening proportions if you don’t receive urgent treatment.

The success of the rehabilitation program also depends on the severity of the addiction, along with other factors like your age, clinical status, state of mind, etc. The sooner you begin the treatment, the faster you should begin to see noticeable results, and the longer the benefits will last. Our residential treatment centers in Indiana are the ideal facilities for treating even the most advanced forms of substance addiction.

What is the long-term residential treatment?

The residential treatment functions similarly to the inpatient treatment, with a significant difference – the increased level of comfort. While inpatient-only facilities sacrifice comfort for hospital-like settings and services, we achieve both. Our facilities feature not only some of the most effective rehab services available but the most comfortable and luxurious living conditions as well.

At our center, you will be able to relax, meditate, and heal at your own pace, while our clinicians and health professionals will supervise your progress 24/7. The residential treatment is a necessary stage, following the detoxification process, during which you will take further steps towards your freedom.

How to be sober and happy?

No matter how advanced your addiction is, you can become sober and happy over the years. It takes commitment, courage, and the necessary knowledge to turn your life around. Our residential treatment centers in Indiana offers you all the comfort and the treatment you need to recover and begin a new chapter in your life.

We invite you to contact us, at Bridges of Hope, and tell us your story! Make an appointment, verify your insurance, and meet our family for treatment and therapy!

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