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love marriage specialist astrologer in Delhi, India & Vashikaran Marriage Specialist Astrologer In Delhi, Black Magic Remover Astrologer In Delhi, India Aditya Shastri ji serving also in Guwahati, Assam, kolkata and around the world.

World Famous No.1 Astrologer Love Problem Solution Specialist Aditya Shastri ji is Renowned Expert In Love Vashikaran, Mantra , Black Magic, Love Marriage, Husband Wife Problems, Divorce Problems, Jadu Tona Expert, Etc….. in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahai, Assam, India.

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Best Tantrik In Delhi, India – Aditya Shastri is a specialist in tantrik remedies. Tantra is a hidden part of Vedic Astrology. With Tantric Services we can find permanent solution for complicated issues. If you are looking for a reliable Tantrik services then contact Aditya Shastri. Aditya Shastri is one of the Best Astrologer In Delhi and Horoscope Specialist Astrologer in Delhi. He is a Very reputed Astrologer and Tantrik Specialist in Delhi, India.


Some of the Symptoms described by The Best Tantrik In Delhi – if someone has tried to meddle with your body and mind energy through Tantra:

  • you’ll have stress in the house for no reason,
  • the plants in the house will start to dry up,
  • you may be ill and not know the reason for your illness,
  • your family & friends may start distancing themselves from you.
  • water will start to leak in several places in the home
  • you’ll start getting into small accidents
  • even if they are small
  • you’ll start getting dark circles under your eyes
  • your hair will start becoming dry
  • your skin will start becoming dry all of a sudden; you may have some spots too
  • the work which should normally succeed, start failing
  • you may change your place of living which will not bring you any benefits
  • on the palm: there may be small spots on the upper Mars (these are not moles)
  • these might be several and the upper Mars area will become plump; then for sure someone is messing with your/your home’s energy
  • on the palm: if on the Sun mount, you are developing a horizontal line which is breaking, spots on this mount, or the area is becoming too plump
  • on the palm: the Rahu area.
  • if it’s becoming dry or has a mole, many horizontal lines cutting the life line, dullness in this area.
  • then you need to work on making your body’s energy balanced and positive otherwise they may even cause some illness for which you may need medical advice.
  • you are not able to sleep and are very fearful in your sleep.
  • you won’t able to maintain pregnancy despite everything being fine.
  • your pets/animals in the home (especially cows and dogs) may undergo some harm.
  • when the energy is too negative, even birds stop coming into the home.
  • everything seems ok in the birth chart, but still things aren’t looking up for you.
  • then either you can look at the Vastu of your home or can realize that someone is messing with your energy If you have these symptoms, then for sure your energies are turning negative.

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